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College Porn Adventures

The beginnings of college porn are an interesting one. Most often those who live in the dorms at a college are the ones who decide to join the porn industry. They would feel a burst of freedom from being away from their families and decide to do something to spice up their lives. They would then partake in filming some sort of porn. The market for this sort of erotic videos is huge, as these college students are generally still teens around the age of 18 or 19. This makes for a large audience base, as PornHub had suggested one of the top categories on their website is actually the “teen” category.

Free college sex

To find any sort of porn a simple Google search would suffice, however, if one wants more than what is provided in the google search. They would need to look up webcams. Webcams are filled with women of various ages, but there is a section just for teens as well as college students. At this location, these high school students are often trying to earn some extra cash on the side to sustain their lifestyle or pay for tuition. These students on webcam do things for money, though sometimes they have a large enough viewer base that they do things on the camera for free. It also depends on what kind of mood they’re in, if they are really horny, or just in a mood to earn money. There have been studies done that the hornier college students typically earn more on the webcam sites as they would be more engaging to the viewers, thus the viewers would then donate more money. There are also private shows on webcam websites, a viewer must typically pay more for this show and constantly tip the model while she is performing for the viewer. This works just like paying for a private dance from a stripper, the viewer would get all the attention and perks of a one on one show.

University porno

With the internet, there are many sites which have 24×7 access to college hardcore porn. Sometimes with webcams, if the model isn’t live, viewers or special subscribers are able to view past shows for their personal enjoyment. This way the model makes money even she’s asleep, or busy with classes in college. With other websites such as Videos.apornstories.com, they have a large library of porn selection beginning of the day these sites were started. So there are thousands of hours of porn listed on their site for 24×7 enjoyment for those who would prefer not to watch webcams.

Real college sex

There are many models who come and go out of the porn scene, especially those who age or graduate out of college. They would then not be considered a college model anymore, and they would then become a normal porn star. So every year there are fresh new faces in this specific porn industry, as fresh, high school graduates move away from home into the dorms of colleges. Often when college students join a sorority, there is a ritual which is known as a “hazing” this is where the senior members of the group get to torment and do what they like with the newer students who are pledging into the sorority. These senior girls could do anything from asking the younger ones to strip, and perform various sexual acts on each other. The senior girls sometimes would request that the younger girls perform sexual acts to please them. This is often filmed by the senior girls, and then posted online for monetary profit. There is also a section on some porn websites just for the term “hazing” as it has growing in popularity.

To cap everything off, there is many college porn available at Eroticvideosex.com, PornHub, Xvideos.com, Largehdtube, YouPorn, Tubes.Asexstories.com, XNXX.com, Sexoficator.com, etc. Many of which there is a membership fee for constant access to the newest and the latest content. Though for some of these websites, a single US dollar would grant access to all the content for a month as a trial membership. As for webcam sites, viewers would need to link a credit card to their account to view horny college girls perform sexual acts and masturbate themselves. The linking of the credit card would be so the user can tip the girls if they decide that the model has done a good job in pleasing them.